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We are all human.

We all deserve good health.

We all deserve happiness.

Wellness coaching

As a Holistic health Coach, I am an expert in behaviour change and am trained to help clients to identify how to make the most effective changes to their habits. What makes coaching effective is the accountability aspect: as these aspects are put into practice they become truly ingrained into your lifestyle – Changes do not have to be big, but they do have to be sustainable.

WORKING with me goes beyond setting goals but achieving goals. 1-2-1 COACHING includeS YOUR VERY OWN unique wellness programme: I believe OUR BODIES ARE AN ECOSYSTEM WHICH SEEK PERSONAL AND UNIQUE HEALTH SOLUTIONS. Each session will provide you with new, accountable tools which you will carry through the programme, implementing small sustainable changes with big results.

Are you ready to start your journey to health and happiness?


implementing Healthy dietary choices (inc. personalised recipes)

Education on food and understanding nutritional values

understanding and learning to manage stress - PREVENTING BURN OUTS

digestion and skin health

Being aware of the importance of sleep and ensuring you get enough

intuitive living and finding your inner voice

being mindful with movement and how to get the most from exercising

mindful eating with a focus on digestion and gut health

prioritising self-care

understanding the importance of relationships

balancing your finances

increasing your energy